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New Kawasaki Z900 MY17

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Iconic Z900 name re-born. A cutting edge rider-focused Supernaked with sublime balance of power and handling. The tubular trellis frame houses a willing and responsive 4-Cylinder engine while the styling and rider experience reflect a refined and raw feeling that only Z riders can experience. Kawasaki Z900, Refined Raw.


Sugomi Styling


Aggressive Z Styling

Key sugomi design elements, like its crouching stance, low-positioned head and upswept tail, give the Z900 a distinct silhouette, making it instantly recognizable as Z Supernaked model. The Z900’s aggressive Z styling is complemented by elegant bodywork flowing from head to tail, combined with minimalist cover in the engine area devised to draw attention to its functional beauty. A condensed appearance emphasized by slim, close-fitting bodywork gives the bike a light, agile image that reflects its sporty performance.


Visually Appealing Multi-Functional Instrumentation

Stacked instrument cluster features an easy-to-read layout. Analogue-style tachometer features a gear position indicator at its centre and sits atop a large multi-function LCD screen. Hairline finish on the tachometer dial and carbon-fibre-style panelling contribute high-quality touches.


“Z” LED Taillight

Complementing the aggressive Supernaked styling, Z900’s sharp LED taillight lights up in a “Z” pattern, contributing to the sporty image and the strong Z identity.



With the wide, flat handlebar and relaxed, sport riding position, the rider is easily able to capitalize on the Z900’s sporty street riding potential. Slightly more upright than the Z1000 and Z800, the riding position offers a blend of control and comfort that allows the rider to enjoy a variety of riding situations.


Seat Height

The low seat height and the bike’s slim overall design, it’s easy to keep both feet firmly on the ground when stopped, an important consideration for many riders. 795 mm seat height enables a wide range of riders to enjoy the Z900 with confidence.

Innovative Performance


Exciting in-Line Four Engine

Powerful 948 cm³ liquid-cooled, 4-stroke in-line four engine has a quick-revving character and a strong mid-range hit that pulls strongly to the redline. Silky smooth power delivery facilitates control while contributing to rider comfort and confidence.


Crafted And Enhanced Intake Note

Designed specifically so that acceleration could be enjoyed aurally as well as physically, the carefully crafted auditory note of the intake is a key component of the street riding exhilaration offered by the Z900.

Shape of the airbox was designed based on acoustic tests carried out in a sound room. Distinct from the edgy, powerful howl of the Z1000, the intake note of the Z900 is clear and mild.


Assist & Slipper Clutch

Assist & slipper clutch was developed based on feedback from racing activities. The clutch uses two types of cams (an assist cam and a slipper cam), offering two functions not available on a standard clutch.

When the engine is operating at normal rpm, the assist cam functions as a self-servo mechanism, pulling the clutch hub and operating plate together to compress the clutch plates. This allow the total clutch spring load to be reduced, resulting in a lighter clutch level pull when operating the clutch.
When excessive engine braking occurs – as a result of quick downshifts (or an accidental downshift) – the slipper cam comes into play, forcing the clutch hub and operating plate apart. This relieves pressure on the clutch plates to reduce back-torque and help prevent the rear tyre from hopping and skidding.


Horizontal Back-Link Rear Suspension

Linked suspension delivers a balance of sporty performance and ride comfort.

Rear suspension positions the shock unit and linkage above the swingarm. This arrangement contributes to mass centralization, while ensuring that the suspension is located far enough from the exhaust that operation is not affected by the heat.


Inverted Front Fork Suspension

Ø41 mm inverted front fork features stepless rebound damping and spring preload adjustability in the left fork tube. Adjusters are conveniently located on the fork top cap.


Exhaust System

The exhaust system features a 4-into-1 per-chamber-into-silencer layout. The header pipes and pre-chamber are unitized.

Joint pipes linking the exhaust headers (headers 1-4, 2-3 are linked) contribute to stronger mid-range torque for improved feeling.

All-New Trellis Frame


Light Weight & Agile Handling

Benefiting from a chassis comprised of lightweight components, the Z900 weighs in at 210kg. Its lightweight trellis frame and swingarm are the key to the Z900’s nimble handling.

The all-new frame weighs only 13.5kg and contributes significantly to the bike’s light, nimble handling.


Easy Manoeuvrability

The Z900’s low weight and low seat height both contribute to maneuverability, whether walking beside the bike, or foot peddling in a parking lot. The easy-to-manage engine response and wide steering angle further facilitate low-speed maneuvering.



Extruded aluminium swingarm weighs only 3.9 kg, contributing to low unsprung weight, which in turn contributes to the bike’s light, nimble handling.


Special Edition


In addition to the standard Z900, a special edition model with special edition colour and graphics will be available. A number of accessories will also be fitted standard on the special edition model.


• Liquid Cooled • 4-stroke In-Line four • DOHC 16 Valves • Fuel Injection With Sub-throttles valves • 948 cm³
• 6-Speed, Return •210 kg •213 kg (Special Edition)


ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)

Anti-lock Brake System Ensures stable braking performance by preventing wheel lock during braking.

Economical Riding Indicator

A mark appearing on the instrument panel to indicate favourable fuel consumption, encouraging fuel efficient riding.


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